About Me

My Previous Experience

When I was twenty-one I started off as a Trainee as you would call it, to my mentor Kenneth Marler who was the original owner of Placer Appliance along with Darin DeFreece. Over the years as I learned and was taught many things, I took over ownership of Placer Appliance. I ran the company for about 3 1/2 - 4 years growing and maintaining an exceptional level of professionalism and expertise while offer some of the best customer service known in the area. 

Where Am I Now?

Closing the doors of Placer Appliance was one of the most difficult choices I have made in my short life, for I hated the thought of not being able to offer services to all the customers, I now call friends who have continued to reach out to me when they need advice or assistance. Since then I have become involved in the Banking Industry, and have missed being out there helping everyone out in their homes.

What Do I Want To Offer

I am here today to offer the same service as was offered with Placer Appliance except with cheaper rates and family owned an operated. I offer repair services Tuesday through Saturday's and am flexible with my schedule. One thing I learned over the years is how many people have to take time off work just to have a 30 minute appointment to have their appliance fixed. I think there is a large gap to fill in the industry and I would like to attempt to fill that.